Sunday, January 1, 2012


I thought for the first day of 2012 I would lighten things up a bit and what could be brighter than Stardust - another entry from the AC Comics stable of Femforce characters. But this one's a bit different! She's from the planet Rur - so she's a Rurian. Not a human, but a Rurian. And, according to Stardust herself, on Rur they have only one gender (obviously hot female), who develop from embryos in the bowels of the planet itself. Saves on labor pains and pesky stretch marks I guess. Of course, when she comes to earth she seems to be (based on the stories I've read) "compatible" with the males of our planet. Not to say, except for the pointy ears (guess I could call them Spock or Hobbit ears) that she looks like pretty much any other hot human female on planet earth. And she's "compatible." I wonder what sparked that particular evolutionary path. Maybe we'll never know. Anyway, I used a Toy Biz Marvel Spider-Woman for the figure and did a repaint. Since the hair covered those Hobbit ears of hers I didn't have to deal with that particular physical feature. I think she looks "compatible," now don't you???

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