Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Captain Paragon

Lest anyone think the AC Comics universe is peopled only with voluptuous women (which wouldn't really be such a bad thing) and midget men, I thought I'd present a few of their male heroes. This one is sort of the leader of the pack. Captain Paragon apparently started life in the 19th Century old west as Charlie Starrett, who also assumed the "Robin Hood" persona of the Latigo Kid. In the 20th Century a secret foundation turned him into the superpowered Captain Paragon. In this guise he fought the Nazis in WWII and battled communists in the Korean War before being cast into suspended animation by the Black Shroud in 1952. Thirty years later he's revived by ladies from the planet Rur (read by Stardust post) and rejoined the superheroing world. Now married to Ms. Victory (see my Ms. Victory post) he's still battling the bad guys over a hundred years later. I've done three versions of the good captain, all pictured. Sometimes he wears a cape and sometimes not. A later incarnation had him sporting longer hair, for which I used the long-haired version of Superman. In the middle is a conversion using a Toy Biz Green Lantern and on the right is Toy Biz Silver Surfer body with Daredevil arms and Captain America legs and the head from a Peter Parker. I love a little variety in my conversions.

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