Monday, January 23, 2012

Ravagers - Automag

This is the second installment in my review of the Ravagers super (hero) team, who battled Femforce and company. This guy is named Automag and his technically advanced suit of armor provides him with super strength, flying ability and he can fire miniature missiles from his wrist cannons. He battles Stardust over Mount Rushmore - probably as scenic a setting for a battle as any - and at first is kicking her butt because everything he throws at her knocks her head over heels, while her own Starburst bolts seem to be absorbed by his armor making him stronger. She finally figures out that the best approach is the brute-force tact, using a large rock to deflect his missiles, firing a bolt at the ground under his feet to tip him over and finally just using her bare hands to rip the armor off him, leaving a rather pathetic little man where an armored warrior had stood only moments before. Frankly I don't know where I got the figure for this one - probably just a random figure I picked up in a used toy store. I did mount a blaster on his wrist, painted him silver and his visor red and there we have Automag.

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