Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Badger

As superheroes go this has to be one of the most off-the-wall of all time. Badger is really Norbert Sykes, technically a bodyguard for J. Hamilton Thorndyke, who believes he is (or maybe really was) a Fifth Century Welsh Druid named Ham. The two of them were locked away in a mental hospital because Ham was unresponsive and Norbert beat people up a lot, but they were eventually released and Psycho-Therapist Daisy Fields joined them for their adventures in the outside world. Norbert was an abused child and a Vietnam prisoner-of-war veteran suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Woof!! His identities include Emily, a nine year old girl who's afraid of everything; Gastineau Grover dePaul, a black hootchie-kootchie man from Chicago; Leroy, Norbert's dead dog; Alice, a rarely seen poetess; Max Sewell, cultured, effete and gay; and Pierre, a psychotic Frenchman. But it is as Badger he travels the back roads of America to serve out justice to evil-doers across the country using a a bunch of martial arts that I've never heard of before. The twist is that these people are jaywalkers, ticket scalpers, lazy fast food servers and virturally anyone else who pisses him off. Badger has bounced around a number of comic houses and will probably keep showing up - he's just that off-the-wall. The figure was a repaint of an Iaolis figure from the Hercules TV series.

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