Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Bang Comics

I don't usually blog about a publisher but this one was nice enough to run an ad for me back in the days when I was selling custom action figures. Big Bang started as a self-published series of comics by Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker featuring characters based mostly on Golden and Silver Age superheroes and story lines. It's a little like the characters I featured from the Supreme universe. Later they were published under the Image logo. I really liked some of the characters and set out to do custom figures of them. I sent them a photo of some of the figures (at the bottom of the picture) which they ran in Image Big Bang #2 and later they ran my full page ad for free on the inside back cover of issue #5. By the way, before you think of it, I no longer live at that address so don't send in any orders - I just do them for myself these days. For those who like the Golden and Silver Ages I recommend picking these comics up on ebay or in the old comic bin at your local comic book store. They have a sense of fun to them that contemporary comics lack. Issue #0 even has a cover by Alex Ross! Next time I'll start working my way through the Big Bang Universe.

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