Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ultiman - or Ultimen

Ultiman, the ultimate human - gosh, sounds a lot like Superman, doesn't it - started his career in one of two different ways, depending on which earth you happen to be from. On Earth B in the 1940s Christopher Kelly (on the right in the picture) was driving home from the draft board where he was rejected for military service when a fiery meteor slammed into his car. Rather than being crushed like a bug under a heel Chris becomes the superpowered man ultimately called - well - Ultiman. Then about 20 years later on Earth A an astronaut named Chris Kelly was on a Gemini mission with a companion when their space capsule was hit by a meteor that killed the other man but turned Kelly into - well, Ultiman, the ultimate human - of Earth A. They are later fated to meet and team up. The action figures each started life as a Super Powers Collection Superman, with the one with the gauntlets having arms from a Dr. Fate. The heads were both from a Jurassic Park Muldoon. The capes were both from Robin, the Boy Wonder figures.

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