Monday, October 17, 2011

Champions - Icestar

John Grayson apparently had an accident with chemicals from which he nearly died. When he finally came recovered he discovered that his physical abilities had been enhanced and he had also been endowed with the power to psionically manipulate water molecules, allowing him to form various ice structures. He can travel by forming ice under his feet and sort of ice-skating along. He can also form various other ice constructs. His powers may be inherent because his sister has manifested similar powers without the obligatory chemical accident to bring them out (more in a later post on her). Icestar acts hot tempered and egotistical but that's basically a front for a genuine heart of gold softy (sort of a icy version of Johnny Storm/the Human Torch). He was a superhero before the Champions formed and is a charter member and has led the team. The figure was made using the body of a Toy Biz Daredevil and the head from a Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Will Scarlet head.

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