Thursday, October 13, 2011

Champions - Flare

Flare was created as the result of a secret Nazi genetics experiment that went - very - right! She was created to match the Nazi ideal of an enhanced and virtually perfect human and raised in the Brazilian rain forests by expatriate Nazi scientists in the employ of the evil organization Demon. However, she was taught by her mother to have an independent mind and soon rejected many of the teachings of Demon. At the age of fourteen she was artificially aged and sent against the Champions, but rather than destroying them, she ended up joining them. You know, kids in any era never live up to expectations - the bane of parents and evil scientists everywhere. Flare has photonic abilities that allow her to absorb light and then release it either as energy or as a bright flash. Through the controlled release of this energy she is also able to fly. She is also very strong and durable, which is always handy in the superheroing biz. In making Flare I used a Toy Biz Invisible Woman and the head from a Black Cat. The cloth cape is from T-shirt material.

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