Saturday, October 22, 2011

Champions - Doctor Death

This is really neither hero nor villain. He's a wrestler who has achieved some measure of success since he allowed a Haitian manager to take over the "direction" of his career (Haitian on right in picture). Turns out Rose of the Champions knows the Haitian as Doctor Death and she realizes that he has taken over control of the wrestler for his own ends. Rose and her friend John Carstairs rush backstage after the match and find two burly fellows guarding the locker room of Doctor Death. While John serves as a punching bag for the bruisers Rose slips into the locker room and confronts the Haitian, who tries to inject her with one of his vile solutions. Rose manages to free herself and the wrestler awakens from his trace-like state after she gives him a dose of salt and the Haitian beats a hasty retreat. The wrestler ends up thanking Rose and her companion and elects to play it straight henceforth. The wrestler Doctor Death was made using a Toy Biz Beetle with the head from a Beast figure. I really had fun free-handing the skull and crossbones on his chest.

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