Friday, October 7, 2011


The 1980s were the age of the indy (or independent) comics boom, with a plethora of characters created, some of whom flourished and some of whom didn't. I posted Badger the other day who came from the same period, but today I concentrate on Whisper, who ran for 37 issues of her own magazine. Actually Alexis (Alex) Devin, she had lived in Japan for a number of years and became proficient at something called ninjitsu - not sure if that's a real martial art or not. At any rate, she apparently had suffered from polio and practicing intensely at the martial arts helped her body to recover from the disease. Apparently wanting to lead a "normal" life she ends up getting caught up in a power struggle between rival Japanese clans and must fight back by assuming the persona of Whisper. Eventually her activities involve her Japanese grandfather. In order to start a new life she moves to Los Angeles but you know, those pesky bad guys just seem to haunt all of her steps. Isn't that always the way?? In California she assumes another identity as Diane Young but still acts out as Whisper. I really liked the costume but found some of the adventures and characters a bit much to deal with. There's this voice-over narration than runs through the stories that's a little creepy, but did make the comic more intriguing. I used a Toy Biz Dagger figure as the basis for Whisper, along with the head from a Spider-Man (does that constitute cross-dressing?). Then a cut a strip of purple fabric for her belt.

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