Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Champions - Icicle

I promised to run a post on Icestar's little sister and here it is. Christine Grayson's powers kicked in when she reached puberty (don't you hate it when that happens?), unlike Icestar's which required a chemical accident to be jump started. She apparently got herself into some problems early on but when she wanted to join the Champions Icestar approved because it gave him an opportunity to keep an eye on her. Icicle can so reduce her bodily temperature that she can absorb kinetic energy from the air around her, causing a chill to come over the room. She can generate snow and ice in controlled ways and can generate ice slides that she moves along. I used a Toy Biz Dagger figure for the body of Icicle and the head from a Star Trek Dax for the head. Dax was about the only female figure I could find with a ponytail. Star Trek heads are actually very useful for conversions, if I haven't already mentioned that.

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  1. Wow, we do champions games atleast twice a month. 5th Edition. Plus we have our own cartoonist. Come "join" us back. We would love to have you as a member.