Sunday, October 23, 2011


Where would the world of comic book superheroes have been without villains like Pulsar. They're angry. They have a lot of angst. They're big, muscle-bound morons that we just love to see get the crap beat out of them month after month by the heroes. Pulsar started life as Frank Costen and it was apparently all down hill after that. He was former army, down on his luck, blamed the rest of the world for all of his misfortunes, yada, yada, yada, as Seinfeld would say. Then an organization known as Viper came along and gave him enhanced powers to shoots blasts of power from his arms and hands and he was ready to take on the world. Of course he ran afoul of the Champions and all his plans for bloody vengeance on the world got him was a spell in the slammer. Oh well, maybe he liked the discipline and routine. He couldn't even get respect from his teammates - Foxbat insisted on calling him Francis, which really torked him off. But I'm sure he'll break out jail and go on another rampage soon. Either that, or more humiliatingly, he might be released early as not posing a significant risk to society. Now wouldn't that be a kick in the pants. The action figure was a repainted Toy Biz Daredevil - with guys like this I try to keep 'em simple.

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