Monday, October 10, 2011

Champions - Rose

Continuing my Champions posts I present Rose, a psychic who, when she uses her abilities, leaves a scent of flowers in the air. I thought that was kind of a nice touch on the part of her creators. Rose is only 18 when the Champions series begins but she is really the most recent incarnation of a powerful white sorceress, which gives her a maturity that belies her chronological age. The sorceress has battled dark forces for centuries and Rose can sometimes tap into those memories when carrying out her own battle against those forces. Rose doesn't really consider herself a superhero, even when working with the Champions, but concentrates on her occult researches and frequently encounters dark forces that need to be dealt with. In the picture I used the cover of a Flare comic (more on her later) that I really liked but Rose's costume is actually depicted more often as pink rather than red. I used a Toy Biz Phoenix figure, removing the sash belt and painting her to match Rose.

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