Thursday, October 20, 2011

Champions Villain - Rapture

I'm always looking for ways to integrate metal figures or other types of figure into my "action figure" collection. Yes, I know, you can't move the arms and legs but then I really don't "play" with my figures anyway so... so what. I also like to integrate scantily clad or totally undressed ladies into the collection because hey, that's just the way this door swings. One of my opportunities came with this young lady by the name of Rapture. Actually Rapture is not a young lady at all but a water elemental who can be summoned and given form and substance by a powerful wizard or sorcerer. She is the embodiment of the "rapture of the deep" and as so she can instill paralyzing pleasure so as to distract or disarm an adversary of the wizard who summoned her. She can also possess human beings on various levels, although the strength of these possessions remains to be seen. She's actually depicted in the comic as a bit naive, which was kind of a charming trait. I used a Superior Models 90mm (about 3 3/4") figure from their naked ladies line for Rapture. I painted her with semi-glossy blue paint to give the effect of her being made of water.

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