Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update - Aircraft Carrier Made of Ice

For those of you who haven't read my previous post on this ship you should take a look. Basically it was a concept for an aircrfat carrier, or more accurately floating base, made of sawdust mixed with ice, which makes the ice very hard, durable and long lansting. Named the Habbakuk, it would have displaced two million tons and been 2,000 feet long. In my first post I compared this scratch-built model with ships of its day, but this time I wanted to show it next to one of the largest ships ever actually built: the 590,308 ton, 1,334 foot long Esso Atlantic supertanker. I also wanted to show that I am still progressing in my campaign to put airplanes on my carrier models (also the subject of a previous post). In this case, although they may be hard to see, I've added 14 planes to the Habbakuk. Up forward and ready to take off are a TBF Avenger, which could drop torpedoes or depth bombs and was widely used for ASW in the North Atlantic, and a Supermarine Seafire fighter for self-defense (a Spitfire with arrestor hook). Forward of the island two additional Seafires are in readiness in case a German Condor 4-engine aircraft is spotted. Aft of the island there are two North American B-25/Mitchell bombers and two Lockheed P-38/Lightning fighters in army olive drab colors because you don't need arrestor wires on something as big as the Habbakuk. Then there are four additional Avengers with wings folded, because after all the ship was intended to hunt U-Boats, and two larger Bristol Beaufort topedo bombers, which could drop either torpedoes or depth bombs. I thought that was a nice sampling of aircraft that might have been drawn upon to operate from the Habbakuk.

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