Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kingdom Come - Goblin Lord

From the land of really obscure characters I present Goblin Lord from the Alex Ross/Mark Waid special mini-series Kingdom Come. This series, set in an alternate future, has a whole host of really obscure and unique characters in it, which is probably what attracted me to it in the first place. At one point the heroes round up all the bad guys on the earth and imprison them in a Gulag for the good of all mankind. They break out of course but that's half the fun, isn't it?? Anyway, in the story telling various characters hanging out around the Gulag are pictured and the Goblin Lord was one of those. I really liked the look of the character and decided to try to make him. I used the head from a Silent Screamers Nosferatu and the body from a McFarlane Icobod Crane from the movie Sleepy Hollow and did a little repainting. Presented here as an early Halloween offering for your enjoyment. I may present some more of my Kingdom Come figures in the future.

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