Thursday, October 6, 2011

The New Superman

I had heard about the launch of the new and "revised" DC universe and had figured I might not even buy an issue. But then I figured, hey, what the heck, let's take a look. The new Superman is out in the new launch of Action Comics #1 and I confess I'm disappointed. Starting back in the mid-1980's DC (and then Marvel) got into this "reinvention" syndrome, I guess because some of their longest running characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were (in real years) getting a bit long in the tooth. But hey, it's comic books, isn't it?? During Crisis on Infinite Earths that ran across the DC universe for a year in the 1980s they sort of revamped everything and cut out a lot of the "deadwood," some of which I rather liked. They've done it a couple of more times in the intervening years to greater or lesser degrees. This revamping promises to be the biggest yet. So far I don't like it. I've just read the first issue of Superman in Action Comics #1 and I don't like it. First the costume - Superman T-shirt with cape, then jeans with socks and street shoes. In the same year we finally got Clark Kent in Smallville to finally put on the tights and cape in the last episode of his TV show we get Superman in T-shirt and jeans. Then in the beginning of the story he threatens to throw a wealthy business man off a building for doing what wealthy business men have always done; you know, corporate greed, lying, cheating and stealing. Next he'll be beating up ticket scalpers like Badger in my last post. I probably will buy the select issue of the new-52 from DC as I see things that spark my interest, but this is not a trend I'm happy to see. Enough rant for one day. Cheers.

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