Friday, October 14, 2011

Champions - Sparkplug

Born Olga Gottmann, the girl who would become Sparkplug was the younger sister of Flare. Also the product of genetic manipulation, she is far stronger and more durable than a normal human being. She has also been enhanced with the power to manipulate electromagnetism. She is capable of generating bursts of bioelectricity, of generating a protective force field and flying by tapping into the earth's magnetic field. She is actually more powerful than Flare. She is also very conflicted, having been raised by Nazis she has a point of view that is slightly to the right of the Tea Party. While she may accept certain untruths about the Nazis, she probably would ultimately like to do the right thing, even if she has a little trouble sorting out what that is sometimes. Actually one of the Champions most persistent villains gave her the name Sparkplug. I used an original Toy Biz Invisible Woman (no, not the one that turns partially transparent in water), repainting as depicted and adding a cloth cape with a little crystal as a clasp.

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