Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Champions- Giant

Giant could be called the part-time superhero. When he discovered that his girl friend was the daughter of the guy who was the original Giant starting back in the 1930s Jim Jensen asked to used the Giant harness in the service of mankind. As it turns out most people think that he is the original Giant and that he's been playing the role for decades. However, eventually Jim decided he wanted to go into semi-retirement to get married and raise a family, so he went on part-time status. The Giant mystical harness allows Jim to grow to very large proportions and also to summon the power of Zeus and to generate electrical energy, although the latter power leaves him drained. To make Giant I used a ten inch figure of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, which I repainted. I cut the Giant harness from construction paper and made a large "G" for his emblem from the same material.

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