Saturday, October 15, 2011

Champions Villain - Foxbat

I mentioned in my post on Sparkplug that a character named Foxbat had helped name her. Early in her career she helped him make an escape, including using her electrical powers to jump-start his car and he called her sparkplug. Anyway, I think I would describe Foxbat as more of a rogue than a true villain. He does bad things but maybe not so evil and he has a sense of humor about it. When one of the big, bad villains asked Foxbat why he hadn't given him a particular piece of information Foxbat simply replied, "Because you didn't ask." That's cute. Anyway, Foxbat is really Frederick (Freddy) Fosgood (I'd probably look for another name too), who was a rich social butterfly until the Champion's Icestar (more on him at a later date) visited Freddy's mansion. An evil-doer out to get Icestar destroyed the mansion, which the insurance company refused to cover (I guess Freddy didn't have a super-villain rider on his policy), which ended up bankrupting the Fredster. Blaming Icestar for his misfortune (I know, why didn't he blame the villain or the insurance company, but that's the way it goes in the comics) he decided to adopt a supervillain identity and turn to a life of crime to try to recoup his fortune and payback poor Icestar in the process. The Champions actually consider Foxbat to be more of a nuisance than a real threat, but so far he's always managed to get away after each of their encounters. I like him because he has Foxbatmobiles and a Foxbat Boat, which is really just a rowboat, but what the heck. He's been through a number of costume variations but I did him up based on a Toy Biz Daredevil, with the wings on the head made from some cardstock I cut to the appropriate shape. As for the vehicles: well, I found a rowboat and cut a Foxbat head from plastic for the bow. I repainted a 1974 Oldsmobile convertible for the Foxbatmobile on the right and a Matchbox Mustang Mach III for the one of the left.


  1. Ha, ha, nice. This character is sooo stupid!

  2. Glad you liked him. I'm posting Rapture tomorrow so stay tuned.